TrixieSquirts – Trixie’s Shitty Interview

Description: Hi, I’m Trixie and I’m here for my Interview! But.. I also have to take a shit… would it be ok if I gave my interview while shitting? Yes? Really?! How wonderful! Let me get undressed for you as I answer your first question:<br>“How did you find out about this fetish and what was your initial reaction?” Oh fun question! I answer in detail.<br>While I answer the second question:<br>“How do you feel about the fact that guys jerk off watching you poo?” I feel my body begging for a shit release. I get into position as I answer the question in detail. Almost shit time!!<br>As I answer the third question:<br>“Where do you usually shit and how often?” I feel my body pushing the shit closer to exit. I’m so excited! I begin answering the question, then pause to explode my morning shit with an enema bulb out onto my clean kitchen floor!! Omg, that projectiled further that I thought it would!! Hahah I laid down one paper towel thinking that would protect my floor from getting filthy, what a joke!!!<br>Ok, let’s keep this Shitty Interview going and tackle the fourth question:<br>“Who were the last 2-3 people that heard/saw/smelled you fart without paying for it?”<br>Ohhh that’s a fun one. I answer in detail as I sit and squish my ass in my fresh warm Vegan mush, then I shift positions, pivoting on my knees to turn around, showing you my messy shit smeared bubble butt! Omg what a mess!! I twerk my shitty ass for you, then stop as I feel another shit about to explode out of my tight ass! Oh yes!! There it is! Ahh what a relief! Omg my knees slip in the mush and I almost fall! Wow, shit is getting Everywhere.. Oh, that’s pee! I’m peeing a stream and omg it’s spreading too far off camera! I capture the loose pee and swish it back towards me and my messy pile.<br>Shitting and pissing for you, I answer the final question:<br>“Did you ever have to shit somewhere public but didn’t want to, but had no choice?”<br>Ohhh that’s a good question, to which I respond with an embarrassing childhood diarrhea story! So humiliating!!! While reliving this memory, I enjoy splashing and squishing my pink painted toesies and feeties in my warm smelly mush. At this point, I’m slipping all around in my piss and shit, covering my ass, pussy, knees and feet in my filth! Hahah this is by far my favorite type of sploshing, it’s so much fun! Oh but how am I to clean up this mess now? I grab the roll of paper towels and get to work cleaning my body and the floor. This is gonna take some time lol.. what a mess!!!<br>Well that concludes the initial interview. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope I get the job! I look forward to hearing from you soon <br> Trixie Squirts...
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