Tulip's Turd Tunnel - What Girl Ass Does Best

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Description: Here are some quotes from Tulip
I am going to prove to men that women do not have nice smelling shits. Fucking stinky ones, just like you men do. And these videos are going to prove that to men. That is part of the reason why I do them. So that men can fucking understand. Womens shit stink. They do not smell like tulips and roses.
That turd in your mouth fucking stinks. It felt spicy coming out of my ass. Is it spicy for you, Poo-vert? It does not taste good at all. It is fucking nasty. That is what this beastly, beautiful, bare bum produces. Nasty, stinky shits.
Look at that brown shitter. It is all fucking brown. Let me show the camera more. Stinky caca. Coming out of this beautiful, feminine fecal-factory. It is so fleshy and feminine. These round globes of feminine beauty. I have such a beautiful bum. But that shit, it is just so stinky and disgusting. It is so fucking stinky.
How can such a beautiful thing produce such a disgusting, smelly pile of shit. I do not understand. Such a contrasting thing of a beautiful ass and such a stinky thing that comes out of it. And why are you such a Poo-vert that you love it so much?
Stroke that little cock. You love this fleshy, feminine fecal-factory. Tulips turd-tunnel. And every turd that comes out from between these beautiful round globes. Fat, stinky logs. Straight into your mouth. And down your throat. Until you create your own logs from my logs. It is just a whole bunch of recycling. The best kind of recycling. Who does not want to fucking taste the shit that comes out of a beautiful, beastly, bare bum?
I would like to have some more worshippers, one day. Give my caca to other men, as well. As long as they share your same perverted view.
Tell me, do you think these videos are going to help men understand that women do not have pretty shits? Do you think it will help get the point through that women also have stinky, nasty, smelly shits, just the way that you men do? Do you think this will help them understand that? They will see stinky shit from my ass, go into your mouth. And hear about how we talk about how stinky it is. If only they could smell it through the video. It is too bad. They can not experience and worship me in the same way that you get to. They do not get that privilege. Do they? They probably wish that they were my toilets...
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«i gotta say.. i dont know why.. the description got me even harder. I'll test it out»